The Immersive Financial UI

Create immersive, fast and simple experiences to help consumers with everything from basic account management to long-term financial planning. Liberate consumers from the tedium of tables of data with the power of conversational analysis.



Account management with just a few words

Quarrio can enable incredibly intuitive and lightning fast account management for even the most sophisticated portfolios. Use conversations and the power of tables and charts to create an immersive experience that provides relevant information and skips the fluff.

How Quarrio makes account management simple

quarrio “Show me my portfolio performance for the past five weeks”
quarrio “Sell 4,000 shares of stock at $43 per share today”
quarrio “Transfer $4,000 to my savings account today”


What if analysis without the spreadsheets

What-if analysis is one of the most fundamental tools for any investor, but managing complex UIs and large spreadsheets means it’s often the last thing on most of your investors’ minds. Quarrio helps you change that with a conversational UI that makes it simple.

How Quarrio makes financial planning easy

quarrio “How has my portfolio performed compared to the DOW?”
quarrio “Show me all news associated with my investments”
quarrio “How would my portfolio change if the market shrinks by 20%?”




Run the numbers without the spreadsheets

Understanding your portfolio performance often means wading through mountains of data, massive spreadsheets and charts that are difficult to understand. Quarrio makes the process as simple and intuitive as talking to your agent.

How Quarrio empowers trend analysis

quarrio “What are my top five performing investments over the past year?”
quarrio “How have they performed compared to the top five averages?”
quarrio “What stocks have had the biggest growth in the past five years that I don’t own?”

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